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Basilwizi Trust is a community development organization, founded in 2002 by the local people of the Zambezi valley, north western part of Zimbabwe. The existence of Basilwizi Trust is a demonstration of concern and determination by Zambezi valley communities to demand and restore their dignity taken away from them by the displacement from the Zambezi River banks. Poverty, the main cause of vulnerability to food insecurity, is one of the defining features of the Zambezi valley. The Zambezi valley districts rank least on the Zimbabwe development index and yet they have great potential to be better from the vast natural resources found in the region. Thus Basilwizi works to assist the communities of Binga, Gokwe north, Hwange and Nyaminyami administrative districts to realize own development and emancipation from extreme poverty through community led interventions.

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In this issue:

  • Basilwizi ready for 2015
  • Another displacement for the BaTonga
  • Zongwe FM gets new site
  • Tsetse flies infest Sammende area

In this issue:

  • Buntibe impresses
  • Birth Registration
  • Note the Binga I know!
  • Women villageheads

Basilwizi and other formerly marginalised groups in Zimbabwe will soon celebrate as the state moves to impliment the constitutional provisions on the languages policy. Soon, Zimbabwe will be celebrating linguistical diversity as we launch and celebrate unity in linguistical diversity through a book series launch soon.

HIVOS Southern African regional office continues to bring smiles on the faces of the marginalized BaTonga people across the waters of the Zambezi river through cultural exchange and access to information. In the year 2013, Basilwizi scaled up work on increasing information access for the people of the Zambezi valley. With support from Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association, led by Peter Kuthan, the Sinazongwe community radio station got a new transmitter and new antenae.

The year 2013 saw Basilwizi partnership with Kindernothilfe (KNH) of German scaling new heights by introducing the Self Help Group concept to women empowerment in Binga district. The concept provides platforms for women to interact, save and start up small businesses to get them out of poverty. ''The purpose of the SHG concept is to empower the poorest of the poor among women to start up their own businesses while also addressing other pertinent issues as identified by the group......" Mary Mutambo, Zimbabwe national coordinator.

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