Women Economic Empowerment Project

The purpose of the project is to enhance business management skills to women and strengthen their economic base as individuals and collective group. The project is being carried out in colaboration with the women's empowerment organisation Zubo and it is aiming to enhance women’s economic empowerment through increased access and sale of fish in Siachilaba ward in Binga. Formal fishing business is dominated by males a situation that excludes women. The project aims to enable women to attain organised fish sales and kapenta processing that would in turn boost women’s income as individuals and as a collective group. This will equip women with relevant skills and knowledge in business management; enhance women’s visibility in the public space and strengthen their voices in decision making processes at household and community levels.


The Women Empowerment Project aims to contribute to the general empowerment of women through economic empowerment approaches.


The main targets are rural women regardless of their religious, cultural, ethnical and academic background. It targets mainly the rural and vulnerable women and children of the Zambezi valley. However for a start the project began with three wards of Binga District and these are Kariangwe, Sikalenge and Siachilaba wards.  


  • Positive change of mindset by local leadership has enhanced women’s participation in the project.
  • Reduced stereotyping and stigmatization by women and collective voices fighting for children’s rights realised in some villages.
  • To a certain extent, men are changing mindset towards women and girl children and some men are supporting girl children to attend school.
  • Women voice emerging in the discussions at workshops.
  • Women are confidently managing their own businesses at the fish market and there is now a collective voice by women in articulating fish market problems.
  • A few women managed to build their single roomed houses of asbestos and cement out of the benefits from the revolving fund.

Ongoing activities

There is a new project that will upscale the Siachilaba fish market revolving fund project where fishing rig equipment shall be procured after the conduction of a feasibility study on markets, supplies and value chain analysis. On top of selling dry fish and kapenta these fish traders will again trade on fresh fish as freezers, cooler boxes and a truck shall be procured. This therefore means that more concentration in the new project shall be put on the fish traders in Siachilaba ward and the forums shall be catered for by the profits from the fish market. In short this is the angle that the project is taking.

More on the Project...


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