Tonga Online Project

Tonga Online is a project under the Education and Culture Support Programme in Basilwizi, which was established after a merger between Basilwizi and Tonga Online Project. The ICT department promotes the use of Open Source Software (OSS) and has chosen the Ubuntu software, based on Linux operating systems and developed by Marck Shuttleworth as an easier, more affordable way, for particularly emerging economies to become computer literate. In addition, the ICT department provides technical support to sixteen (16) Information and Technology Centres in primary and secondary schools in Zimbabwe including 1 basic School in Zambia.

This is what one community member had to say about this project, ‘We see the Tonga Online project as vital to the transformation of the Zambezi Valley and the local communities should take advantage of the potential of new information and communication technologies and develop their skills, through the established ITCs, to exploit the services effectively’.

Aproach and target group

Access to and usage of modern ICT is envisaged to overcome effects of the prevalent remote and marginalised situation. The establishment of more points of access and relevant capacity building should counter poverty and lack of (means of) education and employment. The establishment of local area networks of communication amongst communities should empower them by improved access to information and communication. Improved service delivery by local government through capacity building and participatory development planning should provide for more transparency and accountability.

Key target group of the project are about 100 facilitators in charge of 8 existing and two ITCs in Binga district, people who are managing these facilities and/or using them for educational purposes.  Therefore the project is reaching out to cover all ten Secondary schools in Binga district.  Furthermore it is addressing some selected Primary (Feeder) Schools like Siachilaba, Siansundu and Binga. This beneficiary group encompasses a total of 8.027 pupils and about 300 teachers. For some activities, Sinazongwe Basic School and Maliko group on the Zambian shore of Lake Kariba are also participating.The wider communities of Binga, Siansundu, Siachilaba, Manjolo, Tinde, Pashu, Kariyangwe, Siabuwa and Lusulu, where ITCs are established, are direct and indirect beneficiaries and taking on responsibility by ownership of the relevant ITCs via their School Development Committees.

Special attention will be given to:

  • Girls, Children, Women / women groups like the basket weaving women associations 
  • People living with HIV/AIDS
  • Migrant workers and the Tonga diaspora living abroad via the website
  • Elderly people via the living memory collection of stories and sound samples


Key activities that were carried out in Sinazongwe, Zambia were Board Establishment for the ITC and Radio Station, Maintenance Workshop, E-Learning Workshop and Business Planning workshop for Women of Sinazongwe. Completion of the Solar Installation in Siabuwa and Public Access Point (PAP) and Local Area Network (LAN) were established. Work for Preparations for the Wireless Area Network (WLAN) was done through collecting a lot of GPS Data from the places that are part of the 8 of the pilot Nodes in Binga.Thanks to the support of ADA and AZFA and in close collaboration with Binga Rural District Council the Tonga Online Project established the Public Access Point at the Binga Library. The PAP will continue to provide trainings to the people in the Zambezi Valley. Establishment of the PAP at the Binga Community Library is the biggest achievement for the Basilwizi Tonga Online Project. Internet to the PAP was shared from the G3 Modem. 

More on the project

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