Programmes and Projects

Basilwizi focuses on Governance, Education and Culture, Health (HIV and AIDS) and Sustainable Livelihoods as its broad strategies towards the intended outcome of poverty reduction among the communities in the Zambezi valley. Together with the main themes, the organisation also addresses key cross-cutting issues of gender and women economic empowerment, disaster risk reduction (DRR), child protection, participation and disability. The themes chosen are fundamental in addressing the underlying causes of poverty in the Zambezi valley and in promoting effectiveness of the organization in dealing with community priority issues. Under these major programmes, Basilwizi is implementing the following projects: Zambezi Valley Advocacy Project (ZVAP), PRP II Gokwe North and Binga Projects, Community Empowerment Project, Community Participation Project, OVC and HIV & AIDS and NAP for OVC Project for Hwange and Binga respectively, Language and Culture Project and Tonga Online Project (ICT for community development, which includes Artistic, Research and Documentation).

Participants engaged in discussions at a Community Resource Persons workshop in Luunga, Binga District.

Cross Cutting Issues

Basilwizi recognises the growing need for mainstreaming gender, environment, disability and child participation and protection in sustainable development and is taking a deliberate and pro-active role to that these cross-cutting issues are integrated in all programme activities. Basilwizi also recognises the growing need for disaster risk reduction (DRR) as an emerging tool in sustainable development and is taking a deliberate and pro-active role to mainstream it in all its programme activities. The Zambezi Valley is prone to disasters that are triggered by natural hazards particularly droughts, floods and diseases. As such, through our privileged long-term partnership with the Disaster Development Centre (DDC), Northumbria University, Basilwizi mainstreams DRR to improve the communities’ resilience and responses to disasters with other stakeholders charged with overall DRR responsibility in Zimbabwe.

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