Livelihoods Programme

The organisation’s main focus is to have sustainable people driven socio-economic development in the operating areas of Basilwizi. In order for Basilwizi to fulfill its mandate, its livelihoods programme, seeks to build the capacity of Zambezi Valley communities with the necessary skills to fight poverty and other related risks on their own for sustenance’s sake. In order to achieve the foregoing, the programme seeks to enhance the communities’ capabilities not only to respond to the immediate needs of communities but help them to develop sustainable livelihoods strategies and secure a better future.

Director of Basilwizi, Frank Mudimba, talking to volunteers by the fishpond in Siabuwa, Binga District.

Basilwizi uses community grown approaches that build on the community’s resilience to disasters and vulnerability. Basilwizi believes that sustainable livelihoods approaches are more effective in helping to reduce poverty. Basilwizi therefore seeks to provide support for development that builds on the strengths of the people in the following areas:

  • Food security: developing and encouraging utilization of sustainable food production practices, encouraging innovative income generating projects, providing training for sustainable management and exploitation of common pool resources.
  • Water: Providing portable safe and clean water facilities and training for sustainable management of community water resources including how to make use of water in aquaculture and agriculture.

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