Language and Culture Project

Basilwizi works with the Language and Culture Project to make education accessible to disadvantaged individuals and to promote the culture and languages of marginalized communities in the Zambezi Valley.


  1. To promote culture and the teaching of indigenous language in the Zambezi valley.
  2. To provide educational opportunities for the orphans and vulnerable children, to improve their quality of life and promote positive self development and growth.

Target Group

School Heads, SDCs, TOLACCO, MOESAC, Teachers, Chiefs,  Councilors, community.


  • Awareness raising in order to generate widespread support for the promotion of indigenous languages and culture.
  • Policy dialogue meetings with ministry of education officials – aggressive engagement of policy implementers in the valley to enforce teaching of the language.
  • Lobby and advocacy training workshops for TOLACCO members to empower them to lobby for the exclusive teaching of the Tonga language in the Zambezi valley alongside English.
  • Cultural support through restoration of the norms, beliefs and values using cultural festivals that brings participants from across the lake.
  • Inter-schools competitions where children will use drama and poetry to campaign against cultural barriers that limit women and female youths in accessing education.
  • Support TOLACO and Ministry of Education Officials in monitoring the quality of teaching of ChiTonga in Schools.
  • Networking and information sharing between the Zambia and Zimbabwe Tonga for cultural exchanges and to share teaching resources

chioneso mudendaOne of the beneficiaries of the Secondary Education Support Programmes, Chioneso Mudenda, Form 4, of Tyunga Secondary School pictured here with guardian – grandmother, Ms Margaret Mudenda (61), at their homestead. The grandmother had these words to say, “Chioneso could have been married by now had it not been the fees rescue she got from well-wishers through Basilwizi. I am happy now she is no longer being chased away by school authorities for non payment of fees. Her school attendance has improved”.

NB: However, the project does not have funding. It has been relying on budget lines from other programmes for all the notable achievements which could have been double this.

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