Integrated Aquaculture Agriculture Project

The Integrated Aquaculture Agriculture project is funded by European Union and the implementing partners are Basilwizi, World Vision and Aquaculture Zimbabwe. The partners in the project share areas of operation and Basilwizi is covering Hwange and Binga districts. In Hwange the project is working with capture fisheries and in Binga district both capture fisheries and aquaculture will be implemented. Ten fishponds will be excavated in Binga under the aquaculture component of the project.

The fishpond in the village Siabuwa in Binga District.


To improve food security of vulnerable households by creating an environment that is conducive to reducing the dependency on humanitarian assistance and sustainably increases their resilience to shocks.

Thematic areas:

  • Improved household income through fish sales and internal saving and lending
  • Improved food production and dietary diversity of vulnerable households increased through fisheries and aquaculture activities.
  • Improved community management in community resources.
  • Improve government institution to support communities in sustainable fish and water resources management.
  • Improved coordination and information exchange between small scale fishers and government institutions to positively influence policy.

Approach and Targetgroup

Basilwizi is training government stakeholders relevant to the thematic areas above and these will later train members in the communities in Binga and Hwange. The project is also working closely with local leaders like chiefs, councillors and village heads for sustainability of the project. The programme is targeting women, men, fishermen, traders, people living with HIV& Aids, disabled, young and old people. In Binga district 125 households will directly benefit from fishponds and agriculture improvements and1280 households will benefit from the capture fisheries. In Hwange the project is targeting 60 fishermen and 15 traders.


Several fishing cooperatives have already been formed in Binga and Hwange and Basilwizi is experiencing a lot interest in the project from the local communities. The fishing cooperatives in Binga are to be handed over a refrigerated truck to be able to transport fresh fish from the many fishing villages to a central store house in Binga centre and then from there on to the bigger cities of Zimbabwe to earn a higher profit. Together with the wider local communities fishermen in three different areas have managed to mobilise people to build fully functional fishponds. Basilwizi has provided a minimum of materials for the fishponds and already two of the fishponds are seeing fish growing and swimming in their ponds. In addition to providing the communities with fish the fishponds also provide fields in the surrounding areas with manure and water for irrigation.

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