Integrated Information Creation, Access and Sharing (INCREASH)

The INCREASH project aims at enhancing community led information creation, access and sharing using various media tools including, but not limited to, ICTs, press, radio and peer interactions. Through this project Basilwizi seeks to enhance freedom of expression, association and the right to information. Basilwizi believes that development or lack thereof is mainly a result of limited access to information that ultimately inhibits freedom of expression and democratic participation of communities in the Zambezi valley. Therefore, enhanced information access, creation and sharing are keys to citizen’s participation in the democratic governance of the country. Through this project, Basilwizi works to ensure that the residents of the Zambezi valley are informed of both their rights and obligations as citizens of Zimbabwe for them to be able to contribute meaningfully to their own development.

Citizen journalist Purity Munkuli reading a newspaper at a training in Saba ward.


The overall goal of the project is topromote community participation, freedom of expression and access to information in Binga and Sinazongwe districts of the Zambezi Valley. The project will contribute to an informed, interactive and engaged Zambezi Valley community.

Approach and Target group

The project will work for increased and sustained information access, generation and sharing, informed decision making among community leaders, improved knowledge of constitutional rights and obligations of the citizens, enhanced visibility of the Zambezi valley in national media and increased self-esteem among the Zambezi Valley communities. This will be achieved through sensitization meetings, workshops about resident’s rights and the constitution, trainings of citizen journalists, the establishment of a community radio station committee in Binga, review and follow up visit at the radio station in Sinazongwe in Zambia, publication of newsletters about activities in the Zambezi valley, establishing of media clubs, weekly distribution of newspapers to media clubs, promotion of teaching Tonga in schools and the education of Tonga speaking teachers.Capacitating the people of the Zambezi valley and working to share skills with and among the residents will also contribute towards enabling the communities to actively participate in socio-economic and political processes.

The number of people directly benefiting from this project is 3000 youths, men and women reached through training and active involvement in information gathering, sharing and access.18 traditional leaders and 30 church leaders shall also be targeted by the project. The INCREASH project is enforcing positive discrimination on women participation supplemented by gender awareness raising campaigns to ensure women appreciate the need for equal access to basic media rights.The total number of beneficiaries from this project will be about 150,000 in Binga and Sinazongwe.

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