Health - HIV and AIDS Programme

Under the HIV and AIDS programme, Basilwizi is implementing two projects. The National Action Plan for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (NAP for OVC) is being implemented in Binga in partnership with Save the Children Zimbabwe.

The title of the first project is: Enhanced Health/Protection and Care for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the Zambezi Valley. The major thrust of this project is to lobby and advocate for change of cultural practices that influence the spread of HIV and AIDS. On the other hand the project is seeking to promote those cultural practices that help fight HIV and AIDS as well as the care and support for those affected. The project strives to promote positive behavioural change strategies in the context of culture and it is targeting traditional and church leaders, children and other community leaders.

In Hwange District, Musuna Village, Basilwizi is also implementing an HIV and AIDS project for OVC programme targeting children and their families with funding from the Firelight Foundation. The project not only strives to promote positive behaviour change strategies in the context of culture but also provides support to targeted beneficiaries in the form of livelihood projects so that they realise improved incomes and more secure tenure resulting in improved livelihoods.

Farmer and active community member,Titus Munsaka, is explaining how he works with HIV and AIDS through Basilwizi's Home Based Care Programme in Tyunga, Binga District.


The National Action Plan for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (NAP for OVC) Handbook, which was translated from English Language into ChiTonga Language, was distributed to key frontline service providers and/or duty-bearers such as Child Home-Based Care givers,Child Protection Committees (CPCs), Church and Traditional Leaders. The handbook, which was  published through the efforts of our partner organisation, Save the Children Zimbabwe, explains the roles of NAP for OVC and its structures.

National Action Plan  

Lumvwanano Mugande nearly lost in terms of education had it  been the NAP for OVC project. She was born with a deformed face. For fear of shame and disparaging remarks from the community,her parents decided to hide from the sight of other children in Nsenga village. The CPC members visited Lumvwanano’s parents frequently and provided counselling sessions, which resulted in the parents sending their child to school to learn like others. She is now in grade six.  “This girl is very intelligent and she doesn’t forget what she would have learnt. She is also very cheerful” says Mvwano’s teacher at Nsenga Hill Primary School. 

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