Governance Programme

Under this programme, Basilwizi seeks to strengthen advocacy on pro-poor policies that are sensitive to the needs of Zambezi valley communities, on access and control of natural resources, livelihoods, education and culture. The programme also pays particular attention and emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR) to ensure public, private and cooperative businesses plough back resources to the Zambezi Valley. Through a UNIFEM Gender Support Programme initiative and in collaboration with Zubo Trust, the project gives women a chance to be economically successful and empowers them with a renewed sense of independence. It does this by empowering women so that they are able to address factors that prevent them from achieving their full potential. The programme works closes with development institutions as Basilwizi believes that strong and capable development institutions are sin qua non to poverty risk reduction. Development institutions are the major determinants of livelihood processes and outcomes – they control and monitor the development processes and quality of outcomes. Basilwizi therefore supports development institutional structures to enhance their capacity, particularly the efficiency and effectiveness relationship with vertical and horizontal institutional arrangements. Decentralised development planning structures from village to upper levels are of particular interest to enhance broad based participation in development processes including gender, disability, HIV and AIDS, environment and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), which are key cross-cutting issues under Basilwizi programmes.

Ward Coordiantor, Herbert S. Simuchemba, explaining explaining how they engaged the Rural District Council of Gokwe North at a Community Reflection Meeting in Nenyunga.

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